Testimonials for Coach Mira

"Working with Coach Mira is about so much more than just the college selection process.

Having gone through a contentious time with my first child, during high school, I was prepared to experience the same challenges the second time around - a surly teen who is certain that her parents don't know anything, with a closed mind to any suggestions.  Working with Coach Mira, my daughter is open to possibilities and thinks strategically about her approach to high school and how her choices now will affect her college opportunities. Mira's  collaborative process has helped my daughter develop better decision making skills so that she is more motivated and focused on her work.   It's never too early or too late to gain tremendous benefit from the coaching Mira will give your child. We started working with Coach Mira in 9th grade, and it set the relationship with my daughter off on the right foot. 

I know without a doubt, from the results I see with my youngest child, if we had worked with  Coach Mira when my older daughter was in high school, our relationship would have been so much smoother and  her options for college   broader.

The best thing you could do to support your teen and your family is work with Coach Mira. You will be amazed, as I was, that the returns far exceed the goal of college selection."

Beth Lynch - Parent


“Coach Mira is a positive force in empowering students to feel good about who they are and where they are going in life.  My son worked with Coach Mira long distance as she guided him throughout his college selection process. She has a unique way of making the college selection process simple and fun. Mira has a knack for making a painful process a snap.  We would highly recommend Coach Mira for any high school student.”

Lisa Marinkovich - Parent

"I was fortunate to be able to hire Mira to work with my daughter. I've never encountered a coach quite like her. In a fast-paced and often chaotic world, Mira's patience is very comforting and her insights and guidance help to bring order to not only goals and tasks, but life itself."

Dr. Bruce Schneider - Parent

“Mira’s pragmatic and caring approach was exactly what my daughter needed to help juggle a full load of school, friends, family, and community service. It was such a relief as a parent to see my daughter move forward towards her dream without all the overwhelm. Mira is great at creating a plan and helping with the support to make it happen.”

Michele Jewett - Parent

“Mira, thank you so much for all your support and optimism. With your guidance, our daughter has done a phenomenal job getting her applications together and she is in a really good frame of mind, with clarity about what she wants and much less anxiety about the process. I am so glad we found you.”

Judy Chamberlin - Parent

“As a parent, my goal was to ‘let go’ of the process and let my daughter take the lead, but I didn’t want to leave her without guidance. After working with Coach Mira, I am comfortable that she will make good decisions and know how to move forward. Now I can be the ‘supporter’ in this process and let her lead her own future. I would definitely recommend Coach Mira to our friends and their college- bound teens.”

Susie Schade - Parent

"I have coached with Mira since my senior year in high school, and without her, I do not know where I would be today... She truly helped me reach my ultimate potential as I transitioned into my college career."

Taylor Garrett - Student

"Mira, I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done to help me.  I wanted to let you know I got into the school of my choice and I am so excited.  Thank you!"

Michele Ibrahim - Student

"Working with Coach Mira helped me have a much clearer idea of what I need to be doing and when I need to be doing it to help me prepare for getting into college.  I don't feel lost in a sea of choices or feel overwhelmed if people say "you need to do this."  I know what tests to take and when, what classes I want to enroll for and where to look to get information."

Maddie Bolinger - Student

"Before working with Mira, I was about as unenthusiastic about college-talk as every other teenager. When my dad suggested I speak with a college coach, I wasn't thrilled. Despite the negative expectations, Mira's unfailing ability to cheer people on resulted in my amazing shift. Her attitude is the perfect combination of go-with-the-flow, charming, and lighthearted. She knows exactly the best thing for me and always does her best to get me there. If coaches were celebrities, she would be an A-lister." 

Erika Wendy Schneider - Student